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Broadway Bound Arts trains the future’s great performers, directors and artists. We provide access to top tier professionals across all major disciplines of theater, film, and television, enabling our students to unlock their potential, and equipping them with the skills to navigate these industries.
​We are dedicated to nurturing and mentoring students of all ages across diverse socioeconomic backgrounds, and to connecting them with industry opportunities.​

Broadway Bound Arts operates under the parent company, Sweet T. Productions.

SWEET T PRODUCTIONS is an inclusive group with a focus on discovering and developing new work in theater, musical theater & film. We believe in a friendly, process oriented collaboration that enables artists to bring their greatest work to life. Based in NYC we help creatives all over the world fully realize their vision and feed their audience's souls.
​Our goal is to facilitate producers, directors, writers, composers and theater makers to work together in a positive environment that enables creativity and ultimate success. If you want to enjoy the journey of bringing your piece to life, come play with us!

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